Below is the Index of Titles of all artworks.
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A Breath of Whimsy (figure with balloons) Sold out

Adam's Apple (figure inside large apple) STILL BEING CAST

A New Tomorrow (figure with apples) STILL BEING CAST

A Place to Hide (2 figures stacked on top of each other with an over sized goldfish) 

A Soul in Stillness Lost (Round wall plaque)

A Time to Drift (miniature figure with blue balloons) 

A World of Possibilities (figure sitting in hoop)

All of Me (Reclining Figure)

All the Little Things (suspended torso made from paper dolls)

All Time to Think Turned Loose (one of a trilogy, figure on stainless staircase)

At the Heart of Laughter (2 figures in stainless steel spiral)

Autumn (life size sitting figure)

Beneath the Surface (suspended torso made from chameleons)

Bianca's Dream (reclining figure)

Bianca's World (seated figure)

Blown Away (miniature figure with red kite) 1 left

Chameleon Frieze (stainless steel wall mounted)

Chance (small leaping figure on stainless steel curve)

Change (small figure with red apple on stainless steel curve)

Chaste (small figure with goldfish and flippers)

Chocolate & Sushi (2 figures draped over each other)

Coming Out Of the Corset (small figure seated on wineglass)

Ensnared by a Dream  (reclining figure holding an apple) Sold out

Everything & Not Anything (suspended swimmer with albatross)

Finding my Feet (suspended figure with roller-skate, flipper & chair)

First Love (small ballerina - part of a duo)

Fowl Play (rooster)

Fragrant Memories of a Wild Moon Drifting (suspended figure in a hoop with bubbles)

In Dreams So Far Removed (figure seated on a chair in stainless steel latice sheets) 

In Full Flight (miniature figure with green 'paper' plane) 1 left

Inner Sense (torso)

Into Thin Air (one figure swinging another in the air)

Just Between You & Me (head and torso of figure)

Last Touch (suspended figure surrounded by a swirl of hair)

Leaping Torso (part of a duo - torso)

Maiden Flight (small ballerina - part of a duo)

Michelle (standing figure study)

No Strings Attached (three figures on stainless hoop)

Of Memories & Forgetting (lying figure with goldfish in hand)

Out of Step (4 small figures slightly out of step)

Paper Doll Frieze (stainless steel wall mounted)

Pendants (functional art: chameleon, paper doll & abstract shape)

Pick me Up, Pull you Closer, Hold me Tighter (3 figures suspended in 3 hoops) Sold Out

Pick Me Up, Pull You Closer, Hold Me Tighter (Revisited & Enlarged)

Pre-empting Space (one of a triology - figure on stainless staircase)

Prelude (small chameleon with 3 apples)

Sam's Sister (2 figures sitting back to back)

Sam's Sister & the Little Box of Happiness (2 figures sitting back to back on a see-saw with balloons, bucket and small box)

Spring (life-size suspended figure in 2 stainless steel hoops)

State of Grace (figure sporting one stiletto on long swirl)

Stuck on You (life-size torso of figure with tree-frog on hip & chameleon in hair) STILL BEING CAST

Summer (life-size reclining figure)

Sweet Chocolate (part of a duo - figure seated on a wineglass)

The Fallen (Figure falling onto oversized apples) 

The Games We Play (suspended torso of jigsaw puzzle pieces)

The Heart of Eve (a crouched figure stacked on top of echo versions of herself, one with an over sized apple inside her) 

Taunting Gravity (3 figures suspended) Sold Out

The Sound of My Voice 
(upside down figure with chameleon on foot)

The Stillness between Holding on and Letting Go (figure lying in suspended hoop) Sold Out

The Warp, The Weft & the Weave (suspended torso in lattice)

To Have & To Hold, Now & Forever (2 figures holding boxes & balloons)

Tracey (figure study)

Twisting Torso (part of a duo - torso)

Wayward Dreams of the Outside World (suspended figure with goldfish and flippers)

Weaving Myself Around these Threads of You (Suspended figure with 3 chairs and a rope)

Winter (part of a series of 4 Seasons - lifesize figure being swept away with a kite) STILL BEING CAST
Without a Trace of Time (part of a triology - figure with stainless staircase)

Your Breath, Your Thoughts & Your Tempered Dreams (two figures blowing up balloons with small goldfish in hand)