A Piece of poetry - It's Art but you can wear it!

A Marke Meyer limited edition pendant - 'wearable sculpture'

Marke Meyer uses sculpture to create his own unique, quirky concoction of 'visual poetry'
This is a memory-trace of the ideas that germinate in his wakeful dreams and materialize in the ultimate artwork.
Marke has pioneered the use of suspension to best display his works and to create the feeling of lightness whimsy and freedom. He loves that these stainless steel pendants will hang from a hook or from around your neck.

These pendants are taken from the journey of specific pieces. See below for the original bronze artworks.
All pendants are lightly etched with Marke's signature and are strung on an adjustable cord.
They are presented in a hand sprayed wooden box with an explanation card.
Presently there are three various pendants:
Beneath the Surface
All the Little Things (Paper Doll)
The Spaces Between

"Beneath the Surface"
These two interlocking chameleons are made from stainless steel and come from Marke's original suspended bronze made up of the same interlocking chameleons, also entitled "Beneath the Surface"
Size: 9.8cm x 6.5cm (Box: 8.4cm x 12.2cm)
Selling Price: R380


"All the Little Things" (Paper Doll)
This paper doll is made from stainless steel and comes from Marke's suspended bronze entitled "All the Little Things".

Size: 10cm x 6.5cm (Box: 8.4cm x 12.2cm)
Selling Price: R380

'The Spaces Between'
This pendant is taken from the negative space between the Paper Dolls in 'All the Little Things' - creating an abstract form.

Size: 8cm x 6.5cm (Box: 8.4cm x 12.2cm)
Selling Price: R380