Aerial Hoop/s
Nocturne (top) & Deep Night
Available as a duo or individually (Please click here or on the pic below to take you through to its Page)

Dimensions as a duo:
Dimensions individually - Nocturne: L 122cm x B 28cm x H 75m
R145 000

                                  -  Deep Night: L 120cm x B33cm x H 67cm
R145 000

Duo Dimensions: L 242cm x B 33cm X H75cm
R265 000

'Mind Over Matter'

Tableaux Series

'Tableaux' is really a frozen moment in time - a still performance if you like - representing a scene from a story.
These are all satirical pieces, questioning the validity and time wasted in our apparent compulsion to follow leaders and supposed gurus in a 'who's the flavour of the moment' kind of ay... read their books, quote their quotes.
The alternative, of course, is to look inwards...and to get on and 'do it'...
I have made 5 pieces in this Tableaux Series - they are presently being cast in the Foundry and will be available individually or as a set.

'Lessons in Love' (5)

Year: 2021

'Dirty Washing'(4)

Year: 2021

'Walking Through Walls'(3)



'Higher Learning' (2)

'Hope, Faith & the Voice of Reason' (1)


'Aspirations & the Willingness to Change'

Year: 2020-21

Dimensions:  3m Circumference Height: 2.5m Width: 1.62m   Breadth: 1.2m
Mass: Approximately 600kg
Selling Price: R1 500 000

“The Waft, the Weft & the Weave”

seen here in stages of manufacture:
Positive mold
Mapping out ultimate 'weave' pattern and then applying in clay
Making the mould & fiberglass mould
Wax stage
Awaiting the final bronze...


The Bronze Stage

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