Stuck on You (Lifesize)
Selling price: + R175 000


Winter (Lifesize)
Selling Price:  R450 000


The Heart of Eve
Selling Price: + R125 000

'The Fallen'
Selling Price: R42 500


'Beneath the Surface'
Selling price: R72 500

'A Place To Hide'
Selling price: R78 000


'No Strings Attached'
Selling Price: R58 000


'In Dreams So Far Removed'
Selling price: R95 000

“The Waft, the Weft & the Weave”

seen here in stages of manufacture:
Positive mold
Mapping out ultimate 'weave' pattern and then applying in clay
Making the mould & fiberglass mould
Wax stage
Awaiting the final bronze...


The Bronze Stage

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