At the Heart of Laughter

Year: 2017
Dimensions: 41cm x 40cm x 54cm (figure)
Height including plinth & stainless steel spiral: 41cm x 40cm x 54cm
Mass: 15kg
Selling Price: R59 500

"Although laughter can result from joyful, fun and happy experiences, at times one also laughs involuntarily in the face of deep sorrow. This piece reminds us of the need to maintain equilibrium despite the presence of pathos. The lower figure represents whimsy and joyfulness while the upper figure represents a determination to remain balanced. In her right hand, this figure clutches a chameleon which hints at the ability to adapt or change. A goldfish glances past on the wrist of the left hand. For me, goldfish are always symbolic of the undisturbed peacefulness of the pre-birth state. The entire sculpture is elevated on a spiral that represents the flow of life. It is in itself very springy allowing for a great deal of movement. The piece, however, always ends up at rest." MM

In Spanish Moss patina:







In Dakota patina: