Visual Poetry and Marke Meyer (Art@Africa, CT)
13 Dec 2019

"I have the rare privilege of being able to communicate my ideas and secrets to those that are willing to receive them.’ - Marke Meyer.

 Marke Meyer is most notably known for creating bronze sculptures that depict free-spirited, carefree young women that visually embody his written poetry. Meyer’s poetry and artwork is often associated to a series of underlying themes including the ideas of finding balance in life and living in harmony with oneself. His sculptures encapsulate a peaceful serenity in the way they gracefully suspend from the ceiling or appear to be balanced precariously on ledges in acts of confidence, freedom and equilibrium...."


BRONZE CARE: Marke is often asked how to take care of bronzes - cleaning etc. In essence, they need very little cleaning, but click below to take you through to his tips & advice...

Handling & Cleaning Bronze Artworks


MOULD MAKING PROCESS: You will find video clips of the silicon and fiberglass process as well as tips and images of the wax, ceramic and bronzing stages in the Foundry. Click below to take you through to this page...

Mould making process

MARKE'S 'WEARABLE ART' - an interesting insight as to how Marke's jewelry range came into being...a journey from bronze sculpture into exquisite wearable pendants & earrings... Click below to take you through to this page...

                                                                                 It's Art but you can wear it!

Stop-Frame Art videos

Toy Box

Concept & Photography: Marke Meyer 
Concept & Body Painting: Hazel Suttill
Recording & Arrangement by iPhone: Roger Seldon
Morbid Piano: Cleo Seldon
Happy-ish Piano: Chas Seldon


Today is the Last Day

Concept & Photography: Marke Meyer
Music and Song composition: Roger Seldon


Small Buckwinged Bird

Concept, Lyrics & Photography
Song & Vocals: Roger Seldon
Dance Performance & Choreography: Ava Berry











Clip of the final touches of the patina going on to 'Spring' - at the Foundry