Beneath the Surface

Year: 2019
Suspended Bronze - Lifesize torso of chameleons
Dimensions: 80cm x 44cm x 12cm

Mass: 15.4kg

Selling price: R89 500

This piece is part of a series of suspended torsos that I've journeyed through.

Quite a few steps to get this into the final state: First the figure in clay, then make the mold, then press the chameleons, then make another mold, then into bronze and finally with the beautiful gold chrome done by Coating Graphics Centurion.

I have a bit of a thing with chameleons..! I love the idea of their adaptability, 'slow & steady' approach, camouflage, tenacity, shape, and eyes that look straight at you/around you/through you.

I seem to find them less & less now - I am hoping it's my eyesight and not their thinning of numbers.

They have cropped up frequently in my works - usually in a 3D form. But this time, was in a yin-yang manifestation and presented as a ‘skin’ that hides the inner workings of the individual. I like that.


A choice of polished Bronze or Chrome


Polished bronze:

      The Process of making this piece included a number of steps!