Year: 2017
Bronze on white Ceasarstone plinth
Dimensions: 31cm x 10cm x 6.5cm (including white Ceasarstone plinth) 
Mass: 2.4kg
Selling Price: R12 500

Often we are unaware that we already have the ‘big apple’ and mistakenly covet the smaller apples out of our reach.” MM

A prelude is something that comes before an important event or action that' introduces or prepares' for it... whether it be a piece of music or life itself. We already have all we need within and there is no need to look any further 'for more' - here the chameleon is already on the bigger apple, yet still looks at the smaller... 

Apples are a recurring theme in my work - they are a really cool symbol and date back to ancient Greek times when symbolically, an apple was connected to the emotions of the heart. 

They conjure up feelings of temptation, of childhood; of fairy stories, of risk and of choices.

Chameleons too, weave their way into my work very often. chameleons represent dual energies that make up the individual: Light and dark, masculine and feminine. They imply transition, change, adaption, camouflage and self-preservation. These beautiful creatures coupled with apples make sense to me.

Apples and chameleons complement my conceptual journeys and ideas.


Also available with red apples!


Customized Chromed Edition