A Piece of poetry – ‘It’s Art but you can wear it’ MM

A little about the journey that some of Marke Meyer’s pieces have taken resulting in unique and quirky wearable art-jewelry.

FROM THIS:  TO THIS:                   TO THIS:  



TO THIS:                          = WEARABLE ART!



Marke has always loved words and the stringing together of them in fresh ways.
“Using words efficiently is imperative to me, Marke explains, “and I am thrilled when I use a few carefully chosen words to put across more than just the obvious meaning. With unusual combinations of words and grammatical structure, I aim to communicate feelings and emotions.”

“I find this oddly satisfying as it projects the words into a 3D space in both reality and mind.”

“Having written poetry for many years, it seemed like a natural step to use sculpture to create my own concoction of 'visual poetry'.
The titles for my works come from (and are inspired by) lines in my poetry. I find this oddly satisfying as it projects the words into a 3D space in both reality and mind.
I etch the title of the work into the piece itself; the words and the piece are intrinsically one.  I love that the titles ‘speak’ different things to different people as they are left open for your interpretation.

I seem to instinctively (and perhaps subconsciously) inject a kind of ‘lightness’ into my pieces – both literally and figuratively.  This is quite contrary to the heavy medium of bronze itself. I enjoy this contradiction and so found myself suspending works in an effort to portray a ‘lightness of being’, a feeling of untethered freedom and perhaps just a little whimsy.

Throughout my work, which is always figurative, you will find many symbolic icons. These include goldfish, chameleons, treefrogs, cut-out paper dolls, flippers, stilettos and apples.


Details of icons taken from bronzes

Recently, I created a series of life-size suspended torsos. In these torsos, I make exclusive use of my symbolic iconography to make up the form of the torsos themselves.  In essence there is a torso made up purely of chameleons, another with paper-doll cut-outs and another with jig-saw puzzle pieces.


Beneath the Surface (Chameleon torso)                                                               All the Little Things (Paper-doll torso)


Taking the concept further, I then used these icons to create my first flat, 2D style stainless steel wall mounts. The icons themselves are presented in text-like rows and are cut-out to give either a positive or negative form.
These manifestations are essentially memory-traces of the ideas that once germinated in my wakeful dreams and materialized into the original suspended torsos. Following this trajectory, they are now also available as the most essential form in stainless steel.


Beneath the Surface                    The Space Between Us                    All the Little Things                                The Spaces Between
(Positive chameleons)                 (Negative chameleons)

Following on to this, I became more aware of my icons as individual entities and hence my ‘functional art’ was born! The individual pieces morphed into pendants and earrings.

I have taken the positive images of the chameleons and paper dolls as well as the negative in-between spaces of these stainless cut-outs and created my version of ‘wearable art’.

Limited editions of these icons are now available and I love the fact that these pieces will be suspended from around a person’s neck where they will continue to carry a lightness of being in their jewellery form.

All pendants are lightly etched with my signature and are strung on adjustable cord. They are presented in a black box with an explanation card.

Beneath the Surface – Pendant                                     The Spaces Between Us – Pendant                      All the Little Things – Pendant

                                                                               Size: 9.8cm x 6.5cm (Box: 12.2cm x 8.4cm x 2cm).

 I have also had fun creating paper-doll earrings which are finished with either sterling silver shepherd hooks or studs with sterling silver backings.