Chocolate & Sushi

Year: 2013
Dimensions: 0.75m x 0.44m x 0.3m (excluding white Ceasarstone plinth)
Mass: 49.4kg
Selling price: R125 000

This piece is based on the geometry of multiple triangles and a general pyramidal shape. The work is peaceful and heavy with restfulness. The theme is one of protective love and sisterly warmth and comfort.” MM

 This piece was done in a very loose modern style. Although the piece is peaceful and heavy with restfulness, it has a lot of energy in it due to the loose handling of the clay in the original. The hair for example is created out of slabs of clay. The tool marks are very visible as this piece was carved out with a quick responsiveness to what my eyes observed. The idea was to demonstrate a protective love and sisterly warmth and comfort.
These girls are friends and come from opulent homes. The challenge for me was to make a piece using two models in an interlocking pose. 
The piece became a study of multiple triangles on a geometric or abstract level. I am still surprised at how many triangles one can see in this piece. Triangles have a beautiful symmetry and balance and give a sense of solidity to the piece.
The reason the piece became know as ‘Chocolate & Sushi’ was that as the girls grew weary as a result of the strenuous posing, they would begin discussing the food they would indulge in after the session. The one model was
enamored with Chocolate and the other with Sushi. These foods then became synonymous with each girl, almost like nick-names.
In this way the models left their mark on the piece forever.