Last Touch

Year: 2018
Suspended bronze
Dimensions: 40cm x 37cm x 100cm
Mass: 37kg
Selling price: R145 000

“The escape from a physical reality through the projection of the mind into a comfortable ‘mind-space’.” MM 

The work suggests an escape from the restraints of the world as the figure defies gravity once and for all. The title refers to the child’s game ‘Last Touch’ most often played at the departure from a friend or family member’s home. The feelings of exuberance, freedom and release are foremost in this piece. The sculpture also works on an allegorical level as the subject leaves this world and passes into the next. 

Scroll down to see the Chromed-bronze Version!




The below piece was a once-of, chromed edition of 'Last Touch'.
Marke worked in collaboration with Lia from Coating Graphics, who did the colourchroming.
The piece is SOLD.