Lessons in Love #2

Year: 2021
Bronze and Stainless steel
Dimensions of figure: 91cm x 30cm x 95cm
Dimensions plinth: 30cm x 30cm x 50cm
Total Height: 30cm x 91cm x 145cm

Mass: 32 kg 
Selling Price: R175 000

'Lessons in Love #2' blends my thematic interest in the 'What if?' question (choosing one's own reality instead of following the predestined path) that I proposed in my series dealing with the Adam and Eve mythology, and the well-loved Swiss legend of William Tell – his defiance and courage inspiring many to stand up for themselves. In this piece, the figure is indeed an expert marks(wo)man – as was Tell – but now the apple is on her own head and a chameleon on her outstretched foot. The chameleon icon often weaves its way into my work…they imply transition, change, adaption, camouflage and self-preservation.