Year: 2008
Bronze on Leadwood plinth
Dimensions: 0.22m x 0.26m x 0.6m
(Total height: 0.8m incl. plinth)
Mass: 20.2kg
Selling price: R49 500


 My motivation for creating ‘Michelle’ was to explore the old ‘contrapposto’ and ‘s-curve’ works of the ancient sculptors and bring a fresh and modern feel to a posture where the weight is largely shifted onto one foot so that the shoulders and hips twist off axis. The ancients used this posture to express a disposition of calmness, a relaxed state of mind and the evenness of temperament that they felt depicted the ‘ideal man’. Michelle embodies those same characteristics. She is calm, relaxed, and self-fulfilled. As the sculptor, this is a state of mind that I too can immerse myself in as I share the serenity and the beauty of my muse and the aesthetics embodied in her form and being.