Sam's Sister & the Little Box of Happiness - Revisited

Year: 2015
Bronze & stainless steel base
Size: 1.16m x 1.53m x 0.27m
Mass: 67kg 
Selling price: R 195 000

“Two sisters on a see-saw. This piece is about sisterly love & protection."

I was working with two beautiful sisters as models, and, as we got to know each other, this biographical story (with embellishments) unfolded.
Having few alternatives, the older sister took the younger one, Samantha (or Sam), still in her early teens, into her home, offering her love and security.
The sculpture shows the two sisters back to back with the older sister holding onto ‘Sam’ in a protective manner. Sam sits on ‘The Little Box of Happiness’...cherished, but still unopened.
This is a story of resilience, kindness & love.