The Stillness Between Hanging On 

& Letting Go

Year: 2012
Suspended bronze in stainless steel hoop
Dimensions: 98cm x 30cm x 58m
Mass: 32kg
Current value: R145 000

All editions of this piece now Sold Out


"This is a multi-layered, poetic representation of an idea: that of the calm achieved through the acceptance of self and of coming to terms with one’s environmental and social pressures, as well as the psychological pressures we subject ourselves to. The Aesthetic line that describes this realization and mood is the line followed by a flowing liquid. To achieve a sense of a comfortable weightlessness and yet a languid peacefulness, the body rests deeply into the hoop while spinning freely, driven by the slightest air movement. This piece represents a state of mind more than a physical body posture. I have observed that various people at various stages of their lives draw different meanings and comforts from this sculpture: a women I know who is nearing the end of her life, understands this sculpture as a message that helps her to accept the knowledge of her approaching death and to face it without fear or reservations; on the other hand, other people have seen it as a reminder to come to a place of peace within themselves; other people still, simply feel the tranquillity and aesthetic qualities of this piece.  A circle, like the hoop that the girl finds herself within always gives the idea of completeness, eternity and perfection. The suspension of the piece speaks of a removal of self from the physical restraints of our world." MM