Twisting Torso

Year: 2010
Bronze on White Ceasarstone plinth
Size: 20cm x 20cm x54cm 
Total height including plinth: 95cm
Selling Price: R39 500

 Together with the 'Leaping Torso', these   pieces are the study of the same female figure in   movement: leaping with abandon, and twisting as if in   dance. They were made as a pair. The rough texture of   the surface is reminiscent of the bark of a tree or the   petals of a flower. The idea of a rich earthiness to this     figure is implicit in this sculpture. The sculpture is   elevated on stainless steel rods to give the feeling of     lift  and free movement.
 The Twisting Torso is on the left and Leaping Torso is   on the right - of which more images follow below...