Bianca's World

Year: 2011
 Bronze on  Ceasarstone
Mass: 16.4kg - teak plinth
Dimensions: 0.47m x 0.32m x 0.30m
Selling price: R49 500

'Bianca's World' - the inspiration for creating this piece was a little different from most other pieces I've done.

It was essentially in response to a painting that moved me - Andrew Wyeth's painting entitled 'Christina's World'.

A beautiful young girl was unable to walk since she was a little girl. She lived near the painter and she had a degenerative muscular disorder and was against using a wheelchair, so would crawl.

Wyeth was inspired to create the painting when he saw her crawling across a field up to the little house on the hill.

I was intrigued to know how she looked from the front, the sides, and above - and only a sculpture can tell you that!

Wyeth's painting was first exhibited in 1948 and is now exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).